Works and Exhibitions

1988-93 Akademy of arts and designs, Halle, Burg Giebichenstein, diploma degree in design and arts
1994 Selfemployed illustrator and artist, working for magazines and newspapers in Zürich, Schweiz
1996 130 illustrations for Felix Rellstabs study manual for actors
1997-1999 Front illustrations for Gyldendals youth novels
2001-2002 Winner of design contest, decoration of the entire education center in Rønne, realization of two big glass panels 1m x 3m with stained glass, realized by Fabien Barbeau
2002-2004 Cooperation with glass artist Darryl Hintz ”The pattern that connects”, exhibition shown at Raschs Pakhus, Rønne
2004-2016 Different glass designs for private customers in France, Germany and Denmark
2008-2010 Working with storytelling and landscape, portrait painting, recording and human traces in landscapes. Part of a group exhibition ”landskabet drager”, Raschs galleri
2009 Illustration of children book ”Magdeline og de underjordiske” edited at Dams publisher, Bornholm
2009 Participating with a seastar glass design i Grand Palais, Paris, 2,70m x 1,50m
2010 Illustrations ”Feodora”, editet at ”fuglefisk”
2007-2010 Several posters for Rønne theater
2010-2011 Cooperation with ceramic Helle Theilgaard. Creating a exhibition with 42 vessels, storytelling, dans and graphic prints
2011-2013 Exhibition of narrative vessels,prints and storytelling in Ystad Museum 2012, Lund Historical Museum 2013 and Køge Historical Museum, Rønne Museum 2011
2012 Full decoration, inside and outside of a kindergarten in Rønne på 200 sq.m, painted over 2014 because of new leadership
2012-2018 Exhibition in my own gallery
2017 Exhibition in Småland gallery, Sweden
2017-18 Costumes and scene pictures for Schuberts ”Winterreise” shown at theater Ticino, Wädenswil, Schweiz, theater Stock, Zürich, Schweiz, Holland
2018 Interior paintings in Rasches gallery,