In 2014 I started working with the enormous collection of photos I had made in the last 3 years . Photos of rooms. It suddenly stroke me, what I have been searching for and investigating in, and why I probably made all these pictures. I started working with furnishing , not as an idea of design and fashion, but like a detective trying to scent out the feeling that had passed through a place. Rooms to me, always seem to mirror the peoples that live in them. Their feelings seem to breathe in all arrangements. One can read them like a report on losses and desires, wishes and  investments, control and intensity, interests and humour. The sum picture of the life that is lived, or not lived, talks directly to our subconscious sens and makes us feel comfortable, lost, lonely or tight. We might all have different feelings about the atmosphere in a room, but we definitely all recognize them. My pictures have titles, who are referring to these feelings or associations. Seldom we see people in my paintings, but they seem to be there , or have just left the room.


February morning, 90 x 110, oil on canvas, 2015