Prices Watercolor

You will find a wide sampling of my work presented here. If you see something of interest, and would like to purchase one of the oil paintings or watercolours, then you should contact me directly. I will provide you with a file of the work in a higher resolution and of better quality for closer examination. Furthermore, in addition to what appears on this site, I am also available to receive commissions of paintings, portraits etc..

In principle my works can be shipped anywhere in the world. Once you have made contact I will look further into the cost of shipping as well as into any other associated expenses. I will then get back to you with the relevant information and the final price. Payment must be made in advance.



Anne Cirkola-Gallery Nexø, Bornholm


Still Life

Anne Cirkola-Gallery Nexø, Bornholm


Anne Cirkola-Gallery Nexø, Bornholm